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All About Accumulator Bets

We endeavour to continuously update this list so we can bring you the most current sites and the best available offers but we cannot review every site in the market. You should use an accumulator when you want to risk a small amount of money in a bid to win a large sum. You can also use an acca when you are convinced that a few favourites will win and you want to earn more value by rolling them into one bet. Below are some basic principles to adhere to if you’re considering placing an accumulator.

For example, you might bet on “Over 2.5 goals”, which would be betting that there would be 3 or more goals. Be careful not to get mixed up between Over and Under when placing your lay, and also avoid getting mixed up between “Over 2.0” and “Over 2.5”, as they are different bets. SR- Stake Returned – This applies to normal bets, or certain bonus types. It means your initial stake is returned along with your bet winnings. Price Boost- Price boosts occur when bookmakers knowingly boost a market in an event for a short period of time. We can make money here by backing at the boosted higher odds and laying at lower lay odds for an instant profit using the calculator tool in “normal” mode.

On any bet, the bookie factors in a profit margin which is sometimes called the overround. This means that they give punters odds slightly lower than they “should” be. This is best explained by considering the coin toss market in cricket. No matter how many times one captain has won the toss in the past and the other has lost, on any such toss of a coin there is a 50% chance either side will win.

To learn how to identify value bets in football, please read our How To Bet On Football And Win guide. Bookmakers will not allow you to create a footy accumulator out of what are known as “correlated markets”. Well it means that you can’t create an acca from two or more outcomes that are dependent on one another. For instance, if you were to place a single £10 bet on Liverpool to beat West Brom at 1/5, you would receive a return of £12.00. Now, on paper, all the home sides would be expected to claim a win, and that would be reflected in the matchday betting, where all four teams would be short-price favourites. In 2009, a British bookmaker refused to pay out a whopping £7.1 million to a punter after his two-fold accumulator came in because the company said the bet should never have been allowed to be placed.

All of these can work together in one multiple selection accumulator. That said, mixing your sports in an acca may effect potential boosts and insurance promotions with some online bookmakers. The reason why accumulator odds are so big is because the price for each selection is multiplied which can often mean a large potential return for betting small stakes.

These bets make a profit even without a free bet being involved. You should be aware that you risk your account being restricted and/or banned from promotions should you frequently place arbitrage bets, so we advise you to avoid these bets where possible. Whilst coupons are still very popular, we think that the true value is forming your own accumulator. This way you aren’t limited as to what sports you can bet on, but also which markets you want to bet on as well. You can essentially form an acca with any sport you like. You might include the likes of TV betting markets or even politics if you prefer.

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