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Accumulator Betting Explained, How To Bet Guide, Strategy And Best Betting Sites

The table below shows how the overround number increases with each selection. That’s £14.50 more for every £10 staked with Betfred over Paddy Power. You only need a slightly differential in odds to see a huge difference in price. The more selections you have in your acca, the more this gets exaggerated as well. Whilst the numbers can be crunched until the cows come home with a cash out price, we think that often the best way to use it is by just having a feel of what’s on offer and what’s needed for your acca to come in.

It is important to note that when you take a look at your bet slip, your stakes will be presented as singles. What you need to do is to find the options for making an accumulator bet you are presented with, and to enter the amount you wish to stake. Most leading bookmakers in the industry offer Acca insurance and some promotions specifically for accumulator betting. When you plan to place accumulator bets, it is important to make a good use of these offers where you can get your stake as a free bet. That way, you will have nothing to lose if the bet does not favor you.

As we already mentioned accumulators consist of multiple selections, which actually defines the type of the accumulator. So, if you were an expert in corner betting with football and horse racing, then you could combine these markets to create your bets. But, for these strategies we wanted to talk a little more broadly on accumulator betting as a whole, rather than specific sports. As stated a number of times previously, the best type of football accumulator system is one that involves selecting only value bets. But as we also stated previously, many punters want to bet on accas as an alternative to betting on lotteries or other forms of high payout gambling. According to this group of punters who question whether accumulator bets are worth it, by spreading your stakes across various single bets, you can reduce the effect of variance.

Only include selections in your footy accas that are genuine value as by doing so you enhance the value of each selection. Do not include selections that are not value, as you will only create an acca of horrific value. Bookmakers understand how combining single bets into one accumulator enhances the value, if each selection is a value bet. For example, bookmaker Pinnacle offers “parlays” , but as Pinnacle deal primarily with professional and semi professional bettors, they offer parlays at reduced odds on very limited and heavily restricted markets. A straight-line accumulator is the most simple and popular form of accumulator betting as it is a way of generating much larger odds as multiple single bets need to win. Still, one of the hardest things about these bets remains that you will win, provided that all the selections you have made are correct.

If you compare this to the £40.90 return when simply backing all of the favourites to win, you can see the money-making potential of this exciting market. The betting options can start at as low as 0.5 goals per game, climbing up to 9.5 goals in some circumstances, giving you the chance to tailor your bet on a per-game basis. You can also decide whether you want to bet over or under your chosen total, so if you think a match is going to be relatively tight and low-scoring, under 1.5 goals may be a sound option with reasonably high odds. On the other hand, if you think the game is more likely to be a goal-fest, then you could take a punt on over 3.5 goals, meaning a minimum of four goals must be scored.

For your accumulator to pay out, you need all of your selections to prove correct. The attraction to accumulators is, for many people, two-fold. Accumulator betting has become very popular in the UK and around the world in the last 20 years, particularly in sports like football. If a particular selection of your acca becomes void, it is removed from consideration. The odds of that selection are also no longer a part of the accumulator. In effect, the acca remains perfectly valid, but it has one less leg.

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